HQD CUVIE Vs Vgod Stig



HQD CUVIE Vs Vgod Stig  There are several reasons why the HQD is the best STIG alternative. 

  • A HQD pack comes with three CUVIES
  • Is ready to vape immediately.
  • It is less expensive than a STIG device.
  • Contains SaltNic Labs premium e-liquid. with 12 flavors compared to 5 STIG Has 
  • Has a slightly higher nicotine content.
  • It is disposable.
  • Does not require maintenance, and it does not have any leaking like STIG

And there is one more reason that STIG has become the best JUUL alternative in 2019!

When you quit smoking with HQD, you will have a favorite HQD Pod flavor and this will make a difference in quitting cigarettes for the long term. But eventually you will one day realize that you no longer need the higher nicotine content that HQD Pods provide. This is a good thing. 

At HQD PODS, we are proud to be the # 1 top rated authorized distributor in the U.S for HQD TECH products.  We offer the lowest HQD prices in the market. 

Whether you are an individual, Smoke / Vape shop owner, or you are a large distributor, the prices structure we offer is the lowest in the U.S.  The prices structure is based on the quantity. and it ranges from $6.99 a pack for large distributors, to $8.49 a pack for smoke / vape shop owners, to $13.99 a pack for individuals.   

The prices we offer is the same prices as the manufacture. Therefore, you have a piece of mind guarantee that you won’t find a price cheaper than the one we offer. 

Orders start from 1 single piece to 60,000 Pieces. There are no order  too small or too big for us . We offer FAST & FREE Shipping on all orders. 

We are located in Miami. Our address is 1505 West Okeechobee Rd. Hialeah FL 33010. Call us today if you have any question. 786-545-5574. Or send us an email to sales@hqdpods.com HQD CUVIE Vs Vgod Stig . ORDER HQD NOW 

hqd cuvie pods
hqd cuvie pods


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